Saniflo Macerator Repairs In Chislehurst

Saniflo problems we can help !!

We have over 20 years! of experience installing and repairing all makes and models of saniflo macerators. Saniflo and other branded Macerator Units repaired and replaced in Chislehurst. We offer a comprehensive 24 hr service to customers experiencing problems with Saniflo Macerators in the Chislehurst area and can help you with blocked pipes, growling noises, overflowing units and electrical problems offering a fast, convenient service.

What can go wrong?

Incorrect installation - may not be immediately obvious but can over time compound other problems, usually blockages.

Foreign objects - the user may have flushed something other than waste products, if so the unit could be jammed or fouling, it is even possible that the object has been 'blended' to some extent and is now causing a blockage in the transit pipework to the drain.

Poor maintenance - your macerator needs to be serviced once a year to ensure a long life, blocked air filters are often the cause of odor problems.

Wear and tear - nothing lasts forever! If your pump or motor has burnt out you will need to replace the whole unit. Nuisance running - if your toilet valve is leaking or another appliance connected to the unit such as a basin or shower is dripping the unit will eventually fill up and the motor will run. Each run of the motor is one less in its lifespan so don't waste them!

Blocked pipes - every plumbers worst nightmare, particularly if the pipework rises from the unit and is concealed within walls.

Wh here at A Brassett with a team of experinced team of engineers can offer a guaranteed repair or replace service, if we can't repair it we will then suggest you for a new unit

We have invested in the right equipment to help you with your Saniflo problems including professional extraction and pressure washing machines, tools, spares and replacement units so whatever the problem call A Brassett drainage unblocking in Chislehurst on 0845 555 9696 and have your Saniflo or other macerator problem fixed today.

Our engineers mostly repair these models

  • Saniaccess 1
  • Saniaccess 2
  • Saniaccess 3
  • Saniflo
  • Sanipack
  • Saniplus
  • Sanipro
  • Sanislim
  • Sanitop
  • Saniwall etc